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My Favorite YouTube Movies
(with Final Fantasy Music Videos)
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Final Fantasy VII: Room of Angels (Silent Hill 4) - 7:02

Game: Final Fantasy VII
By: Amirith.

A very haunting video.

Silent Hill 4's "Room of Angels" set to classic Final Fantasy VII video game footage.

Final Fantasy: Enigma Remix (The Eyes of Truth) - 7:13

Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Crew: Edited & Directed by Jason Iaquilino.

Jason and I are avid Final Fantasy fans. We played FF8 simultaneously.

Check out his website, Waking Dreams.

Final Fantasy: NightWish (End of All Hope) - 4:09

Game: Final Fantasy Series
By: dragon89.

A compilation of various Squaresoft Final Fantasy games.

The pacing is very good in this music video. Clips from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, and X. Vivi rocks!

Final Fantasy: U2 Elevation - 3:35

Game: Final Fantasy X
By: finalfantasy4eva.

Beautiful CG footage from FFX perfectly cut to U2's song "Elevation."

I give this the Phoenix Genesis best YouTube Final Fantasy music video award.

A Tribute to RPGs - 2:20

Game: Miscellaneous RPGs
By: phoenixgenesis.

Images from various role playing games set to Genso Suikoden IV's song "La Mer."

This is my first music video, done with Windows Movie Maker. Images are from various video games. Support the game industry and buy these fantastic games and game music. Enjoy the video.

Final Fantasy VII: Vater Sephiroth - 3:13

Game: Final Fantasy VII
By: mienaikitsune.

A tribute to the villian we all love to hate: Sephiroth.

This music works for perfectly for Sephiroth's character, I wish it was included in Advent Children.

My Speech to the SMC Board of Trustees - 3:22

Cast: Des Manttari, SMC Board of Trustees
Crew: Videography by Jeff Higley.

Watch as I defend the rights of students at Santa Monica College.

Of course the Board was rude and inattentive, never responded to my grievances, and now tremble in fear of litigation.

2006: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP
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