Established in February 2000, Phoenix Genesis® is dedicated to video game industry news. We also specialize in video game reviews, E3 Expo, eSports, movies, television, books, comics, photography, technology, pets, zoos, service animals, hiking, ultralight backpacking, lifestyle and more. Our SAVE SMC portal (a subdivision of our Phoenix Genesis house brand) handles all our legal news, including information on the California Public Records Act.

Celebrating over twnety-two years of online coverage, we have integrated our website to include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, and Patreon among other emerging social media. Check out some of our videos on our YouTube channel or enjoy our stunning photos on our HarleyTheCat Facebook page. Ray, our mascot, is a signal dog that was a 3 year veteran of E3 and has modeled for many of our photo sessions in and out of the gaming industry. (Look for us at E3 2023 next year!) So, check out our photo essays and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button.

Focusing on the major next gen consoles, we have expanded our offerings to include the new & exciting world of mobile gaming with the Apple iTouch, iPhone and iPad. We also have great photos and breaking news coverage to show here for the E3 Expo straight from Los Angeles, CA. But we have not forgotten our roots either, so we still offer a look back to retro gaming. Even though the PS5 has some exciting games in development, the PS4 is still a strong and inexpensive platform to indulge in if you are a gaming enthusiast. The new Wild Update has just been released for Minecraft. We have hundreds of Minecraft designs to present to you in the coming months across 3 Survival Worlds. So keep coming back!

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Phoenix Genesis® is devoted to the latest news, politics, law, music, movies, television, books, comics, photography, animals & pets and video games news & reviews and gameplay. We have several sites and blogs, so begin your online journey today & watch some of our YouTube videos. The Phoenix Genesis website launched in February 2000, so we have been around since the beginning of the modern video game era. Des Manttari is the editor-in-chief as well as a professional gamer who is internationally known as phoenixgenesis®, having been featured in a number of media outlets & stations, including G4TV and E3 Expo’s official website.

Legal Disclaimer: All content, where applicable, is copyright (c) 2000-2014 inclusive by the Martin B. Schapiro Exodus Trust, Estabilished 1994, dba, Phoenix Genesis / MBS LP, a California Limited Partnership. “Phoenix Genesis” and “phoenixgenesis” are both, separately and together, trademarks of Phoenix Genesis / MBS LP. All rights are reserved.


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Fragcamp™ is our Pro Gamer Combat Training brand for Phoenix Genesis® presented by phoenixgenesis® (& Ray the Service Dog™). We are here to help you improve your video game playing, specializing in FPS (First-Person Shooters) such as the Call of Duty Franchise – COD: Advanced Warfare, COD: Ghosts, COD: Black Ops I & II, and COD: Modern Warfare 2 & 3. What are you waiting for, contact us for a private lesson at fragcamp@gmail.com or simply watch our videos or visit our website (fragcamp.com) or follow our tweets (https://twitter.com/fragcamp/). If you would like to join our staff, email us. phoenixgenesis™ has been featured in numerous videos & articles about gaming from around the world, including E3 Expo, Zed Ink,and G4,. phoenixgenesis has been on the other end of the camera for 15 years interviewing & promoting the video game industry, including appearing at conventions such as E3, press conferences & gaming tournaments. phoenixgenesis is assembling a pro team to compete in eSports.