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Feel free to print out our business card (pictured below) and keep a copy for your records. Please be advised that we reserve the right to add and remove products and services as the business climate demands or we see fit. However, we never provide services or products that we cannot deliver on. We have a full money back guarantee as we are committed to excellence. Feel free to read our eBay seller profile to see that we have maintained a 100 percent positive profile for reliability, honesty, great communication skills, trustworthiness, and prompt shipping and/or responses.

Additionally, we try to be as transparent as possible so that you, as the public, always know who you are dealing with, and so that you can buy our products and services with confidence. If you have any general questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us below. We offer multiple ways to be reached. Please allow us 5 business days to respond back. Although we have been around a long time, we are still a small business with a limited staff, most of whom work part-time. We try to keep our overhead low to keep costs down and so that our money is always invested in what matters: providing our customers what they need and want.

Please feel free to print out our official business card.

We would love to hear from you. Whether you are leaving a comment on one of our YouTube Channels or our many blogs or you would simply like to leave a message below or send us an email.Want to meet us for a tour of our office or to chat about gaming culture and all those geek related techie topics? Then call or email us to set up an appointment.

Phoenix Genesis® has been in business since August 27, 1998 and we have been online since February 2000. We are constantly updating our website ( as well as our numerous blogs, YouTube Channels, and social media outlets associated with our trademarked house brand, Phoenix Genesis®, as well as our sub-brands, including but not limited to, Fragcamp, Harley the Cat, SAVE SMC, and phoenixgenesis®. So, Begin Your Online Journey Now and ignite your creativity.

Would you like to join the Phoenix Genesis® team? We are always looking for writers, game commentators, photographers, and filmmakers that can contribute to our creative vision. If you are in middle school, high school, or college, we can work with you to give you school credit. We already had one high school intern, Lucas Marques, working for us and we have a few more lined up to start in the years to come. Imagine having your name published as an online video game journalist! This is a great way if you are apply to colleges to show off your writing skills. But this is not all play. We are serious professionals who want individuals who want to excel and learn while writing about what they know and love. We are currently looking for both guest writers and staff writers. Contact us for details.

Also, we are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, gender preference, sexual orientation, religious background, age, disabilities, etc. Furthermore, since we have a extremely diverse workforce, we have zero tolerance for any discrimination, harassment, bullying, hate speech, hate crimes, physical violence, or hostile workplace against anyone affiliated with Phoenix Genesis®, including myself, employees, family, friends, and fans. Respect, tolerance, and diversity are important to us.

Do you feel you have what it takes to get your game on? Then we may have a position for you as either a game commentator or professional gamer. We are recruiting for our pro gaming team, Phoenix Genesis® to play professional eSports such as the Call of Duty franchise and the new Destiny competitive multiplayer. If it has always been your dream to win that Call of Duty Million Dollar Championship, then you’ve come to the right place. We have one member recruited for our team now, phoenixgenesis (me, Des Manttari). We have a very high standard for those other gamers we will recruit for our team. We take our gaming serious, yet we like to have fun as well. This is an exciting career choice, but it is also a full-time job. The competition is high and it involves a high level of commitment. However, it has potential for great rewards.

Des Manttari (aka, phoenixgenesis™), promoting the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game for Activision at E3 Expo 2014.

I have worked hard to build strong relationships with game companies within the industry and have been actively promoting the game industry by appearing in press conferences, TV interviews, gaming trade conventions, and writing, blogging, and live performing, and interviewing online on this website, in blogs, on our social media outlets, and on our YouTube channels. Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP has also been a stock holder in a number of gaming companies. We have really immersed ourselves in this industry for about 2 decades since the Martin B. Schapiro Exodus Trust was established in 1994.

Would you like to play League of Legends for us competitively? Then let us know by contacting us. What about competing in Smash Brothers tournaments? Then we could set that up as well. New games are always in development. With them come new professional gaming opportunities. We are open to exploring these with you. Check out some of the gaming tournaments both me, phoenixgenesis®, and Larry “Xdestructor” Rosales have competed in. We have lots of photos and videos online. The Phoenix Genesis history and milestones can be found on our Fragcamp official Facebook page. I recommend you start from the bottom and scroll upwards to the top.

Also, we are looking for gamers to capture video game footage, walkthroughs, playthroughs, tips and tricks and reviews for our two YouTube Channels, Phoenix Genesis® and Fragcamp. You must be able to commentate on these videos, offering either educational and/or entertainment experiences to the viewer. You must own your copy of your game (piracy will NOT be tolerated), a gaming system whether Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, or a PC Computer. All our accepted. You must have your own game capture card. We recommend a Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket or Elgato Game Capture Card. We also love retro gaming, so if you would like to record some older footage, let us know.

You must have a USB thumb drive or external hard drive that you can put your footage on to deliver to our office. We reserve the right to reject any footage we deem does not follow our guidelines or the standards of code of conduct or for any other reason. All game footage becomes the property of Phoenix Genesis / MBS LP.

Check out our Phoenix Genesis® Pro Gaming Combat Training YouTube Channel entitled Fragcamp™ where I play as phoenixgenesis®, doing both private and public matches to help players improve their skills in FPS (aka, First Person Shooter) games. We can also help you with the branding of your gamertag to make sure you are not infringing on anyone’s legal rights and to help you build a presence as a pro gamer. eSports are a rapidly growing career choice and we are proud to be at the forefront of this new profession.

Do you need some photography tips and tricks? You’ve come to the right place. We offer lots of great tips on our website. I have been a professional photographer for decades and have won numerous awards and owned my own photo studio. I offer private sessions for you to improve your craft. Learn lighting, color, composition, perspective, the rule of thirds, working with black-and-white, and adding filtered effects, macro photography, depth-of-field among other pro secrets. Whether you want to learn to take photos of products, landscape, people, or your family pet, I can help you improve as a photographer. Even if you only own a smart phone or pocket digital camera, you can still take great photos. Check out our iPhoneography section as well as our photos on our phoenixgenesis Instagram page. Please contact us for an hourly rate. We can work within your budget as we know what it’s like to be a starving artist.

Are you interested in improving your cinematography? We can help you with that as well. Check out our articles on using the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition or contact us for an hourly rate. Again, we can work within your budget. Des Manttari (aka, phoenixgenesis®) holds a Bachelors in Theater, Film, and Television as well as a Masters in Film Production from UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. While attending UCLA, Ms. Manttari also went to the prestigious USC School of Cinema-Television to specialize in Still Photography. I also was a teaching assistant at both these schools. I can teach you basic cinematography techniques such as lighting, color, composition, various lenses, depth-of-field, movement, and using tripods, monopods, and other photographic devices. I worked for several years on movie and television sets doing acting and stuntwork. I learned a great deal being on productions that enhanced my overall film knowledge base when added to my 2 film degrees where I had outstanding grades.

We offer professional editing services to improve your writing. Our staff writer, Louis “Hollywood Country Boy” Burklow holds a Masters in Screenwriting from USC School of Cinema-Television. He has successfully written and copyrighted several feature-length screenplays and is currently working on his first novel, “The Legend of Billy Don” based on his script. As a staff writer for Phoenix Genesis, Mr. Burklow covers a wide range of topics from sports, history, book reviews, movie reviews, and television show reviews and recaps. Mr. Burklow also excels at social media, having grown a substantial following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I have also won numerous awards in writing. I have written and copyrighted several screenplays, short stories, and novels.

Or maybe you have a script, novel, non-fiction, book, music album, or movie you would like to distribute and sell online. We our Phoenix Genesis online store, we can make that happen for you.You can check out the music album I created entitled “Phoenix Genesis – The Other Side of Self.” I created the album artwork and the electronic music and have already made sales during my 99 cent summer blowout sale. We can work with you to schedule sales and to set an appropriate price for your product.

Please be advised that sometimes it is not enough to place your product online. You must take charge and market it yourself via various social media channels. We can work with you for a fee to market your product in our store or let you handle the reigns yourself. Also, be aware that the public’s taste can turn like the tide, so cranking out the next vampire romance novel is no guarantee of success. There are so many factors to success. We do not guarantee that you will be the next million dollar author, artist,r actor, songwriter or movie director, but we feel that getting yourself and your product out there is better than sitting home doing nothing to promote your work.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we do here at Phoenix Genesis. We have approximately 2500 pages of legal news and analysis in conjunction with our Phoenix Genesis SAVE SMC sub-brand. We have covered numerous legal topics such as the California Public Records Act, the Brown Open Meeting Act, Intellectual Property Law, as well as politics and breaking news. We believe in transparency and accountability not only in our government, but in our own business model.

Our video game music portion of our site that includes the databases we maintain, our eBay auctions, and our online store with our first electronic album. Phoenix Genesis™ is your premiere source for rare video game music, memorabilia, and other hot items. We have been an online seller since May 18, 2000, maintaining a 100 percent perfect feedback profile for being trustworthy & reliable. Shop with confidence!!!

In addition to our video game music and anime music databases, we also have our Squaresoft and Final Fantasy databases. Although we cover news of the latest and greatest games, we also never forget our roots as gamers. With this in mind, we offer the Retro Attic, a section of our site where we provide profiles of gamers with a question and answer session and photos. Do you wish to be added to our Retro Attic? Then please contact us for an interview. We’d love to have you in our gaming hall of fame.

We have worked tirelessly to promote the video game industry both online and off, whether it be through our YouTube channels, our website, social media, conventions, tournaments, and press conferences, or even by visiting and supporting our local game stores, Phoenix Genesis has been out there, and no more so, than in our support of those with disabilities. We provide video game scripts for visually impaired gamers, closed caption trailers for the hearing impaired, and articles about gaming for those on the autistic spectrum. We have also worked with gamers with mobility issues in conjunction with promoting the Nintendo Wii. For the last 3 years, my Service Dog Ray has also been there beside me promoting the video game industry.

We’ve been very busy these last 22 years, never abandoning either our trademark or our customers or audience, nor have we ever abandoned our creative spirits or our vision to be the best in whatever goods and services we provide to the public. So, once again, we ask you to Begin Your Online Journey™ and Ignite Your Creativity™ with Phoenix Genesis® .

Please go to our ABOUT page or WELCOME page for more information about our company and its goods and services. Click HERE for the Latest News on our redesigned mobile friendly blog or jump into our full website by clicking HERE. For Our Go Green Paperless Policy and Digital Staff Business Cards, click HERE. We are still redesigning the website so that it will all conform to the new modern design, but that will be a long and tedious process, so please bear with us.


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