Fenix TK35 UE LED Flashlight Review

Fenix TK35 UE LED Flashlight Review

December 1, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

A good flashlight is needed for security guards to do their night patrols, especially if they are patrolling isolated and potentially dangerous areas such as construction sites. My phone’s flashlight app is good, not that good. I’m using my little high-power 1800 lumens flashlight to light up the area but also a flash for any photos I might need to take during my rounds. The flashlight is made by Fenix, called the Fenix TK35 UE (UE stands for “Ultimate Edition”).

It has four brightness settings with 1800 Lumens being the brightest. Its more of a Flood-Light then a Spot-Light. Flood light is more spread out so a large area is illuminated, Spot-light, on the other hand, creates a concentrated beam onto a small area. This model is good for patrolling construction sites at nght since it casts a light on large areas at a time, Additionally, the special LED bulb in it gives off a pure white color light, not the blueish shade most other LED lights give off. And the Fenix company sells flashlights for Security, Police and Military departments.

The TK35 UE cost approximately $140 without batteries. It can use either four CR123 batteries or two 3.7v rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. I purchased two lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for it and a charger. Best of all, the flashlight fits in my pocket and is water proof to 9-feet and shock proof. Overall, this is a must have flashlight for anyone who works at night, loves camping, or needs a dependable and durable flashlight to keep in their car for night driving emergencies.

Mike Kaufer, Photojournalist, Phoenix Genesis

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