Headspin: Storybook – iTunes Game Review

Headspin: Storybook – iTunes Game Review

September 17, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Headspin: Storybook is an iPhone game made by Brandwith. I am reviewing version 1.1. Curiosity finally killed the cat. After months of debating, I finally bought the game. Before I knew it, the game was over as it only has 20 very fast (timed) levels. Yes, there is an endless mode, but it’s just not very fun. Please add more levels.

Brevity is not the only problem to plague this game. As another reviwer noted, it’s very hard to play this on one’s iTouch or iPhone as the items to flip are just so tiny. And I have small fingers. Also, the color scheme makes it hard to see the nuances in these small objects. Finally, my last complaint is that the story really has little to do with the images. It was just the same old, same old, page after page, level after level. Where’s the knight? Where’s the witch? Even a cutscene illustration between each level would be a nice touch.

As it is, I would not recommend this game unless it was free. If you want a good spot the difference game with a story, try “Red Hood.” (it’s FREE!) If you crave something more along the storybook look and feel, try the puzzler “Cardboard Castle.” If only this game could combine the best of both these gaming worlds. Sigh…

Des Manttari, Editor-in-Chief, Phoenix Genesis

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