Mortal Kombat X PS4 Review

Mortal Kombat X PS4 Review

June 8, 2015 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Reading every move

Those combos you shell master

Frame data is key…

Dude! That stuff belongs in a tournament. This is about breaking bones and crushing skulls.

I’m Chibi-Kun and this is MORTAL KOMBAT X!!


Thanks to the PS4 and Xbox One the graphics are not only jaw dropping, they are jaw breaking. The extreme details in each combatant’s costumes, the blood, sweat, cuts and bruises. Muscles tense up when flex and rain gave a shine to flesh and metal. Every inch of the game was rendered with love. If you do find yourself free from laying the smackdown to your friends, take a good look at the stages. The lighting effects and many background animations will amaze you. Remember not to get distracted for too long or you’ll find yourself the victim of one of the many bloody and very gory Fatalities.


The combat system is fast and easy enough for anyone new to fighting games to get into and start having fun. If you’re a seasoned professional, then there’s enough information on Frame Data, Block Advantage and Recovery to improve your game and get you ready for those big tournaments like Evolution. The interactive objects in the background are a great way to surprise your opponents with something other then punches and kicks. Why not slap them across the face with a giant tree branch or throw a stop light at their head? The Fatalities are simple enough to pull off with a bit of practice, so there’s no need to spend your hard-earned cash buying those easy Fatality Koins for $5. The special moves and combos can be “Tagged” from the Move-List to your HUD so you’ll never forget how to do your favorite special/combo.

Story mode is back and takes place 25 years after Mortal Kombat 9. You’ll meet new characters like Cassie “I just came from a Jersey Shore audition” Cage, the ninja cowboy Erron Black and many more. Many of the old favorites are back such as Kitana, Raiden with more to come in future DLC offerings. Every combatant now has 3 different fighting styles which allows for a greater mix up and mind game. Each style opens up new strategies and ways to mess with your opposites.


The sound effects are top tier! From bones breaking to weapons ripping apart flesh, you’ll feel like you’re in Outworld and not just sitting in front of a TV. The actual music for the game is the opposite. The best way to play is with a custom soundtrack. Luckily, PS4 and Xbox One now has Spotify so you can listen to your favorite artist and songs while kicking ass. Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, Gangster Rap… Backstreet Boys… Um.. They are still cool right?


Done with Story Mode? Take your skills online and climb that leaderboard while earning extra Coins to buy more loot in the Krypt. New Fatalities, costumes, artwork and Brutality – There’s a ton of stuff to buy so start piling up those wins. If you prefer offline play there’s those addicting Towers. Klassic Tower is back, so fight to the top and beat down the Big Boss. There’s also the Living Tower with random challenges to test your skills like low gravity or ice raining from the sky. There’s also many more to experience!


With Street Fighter V still a long ways away, MKX is the go to for the best competitive experience with your friends. Bond over beating each others brains out. Mortal Kombat X is worth every penny!


For awesome Let’s Play and MORE check out Phoenix Genesis on YouTube.



– New to Mortal Kombat? Pick Scorpion. He’s easy to use and can help you learn the game. He’s also Ed Boon’s BFF.

– Don’t worry about flashy combos. Mix up those moves.

– Learn to BLOCK! It’s not fun getting punched in the face..unless you like that kinda stuff….

– “This guy blocks too much! What a jerk!” Just throw that dude! Not everyone’s good at Throw Escape.

– There’s always a solution to all problems. Think about your character moves, speed, range and how you can use them.

– Don’t get salty if someone beats you. You’ll walk away with knowledge of how they play so you’re more prepared for the next encounter. (See Above Tip)

– No matter how loud you scream or break stuff you won’t turn into the Hulk. You’ll just look silly. If you’re humble, you’ve already won.

Simon Tran (aka, Chibi-Kun), Guest Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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