Overwatch – Shock The Monkey Tonight

Overwatch – Shock The Monkey Tonight

June 13, 2016 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Overwatch continues its meteoric rise as the “it girl” of the moment. This premiere “arena shooter’ has blasted,shot, shurikened and ulted its way into our hearts and itching thumbs as few games have in recent memory time and if Tracer has her way, time again-repeat. In other words, Blizzard is not monkeying around-Sorry, Winston!- scientifically speaking, of course…

They have the pedigree of both Team Fortress 2 and the storycraft of the wizards at Blizzard who I am convinced worship at the alter of lore and character development. So much so, that I have to wonder-Why didn’t Jeff Kaplan and his team include a story campaign in the game when it screams, “Look at me! I’m awesome and you will want to know more about me!”

Given the excellent marketing campaign prior to the game’s launch which included 4 expertly crafted animated shorts that could rival Pixar if they choose- each featuring principal characters from the game; giving an extended glimpse into the rich tapestry of lore for each character and the world they inhabit in Overwatch. There is even a Graphic Novel: Overwatch First Strike slated for release this year.

So again, I must ask a midst all the merchandise, various media and Overwatch paraphenaelia-Why hasn’t Blizzard capitalized on one of the games central strength-Story and Character- when they already have story content finalized and ready to go in other channels either prior to or slightly after the games release? It seems like a wasted opportunity that I can only hope they rectify down the road as new characters and content releases.

With such a diverse cast you’ll grow to love like old friends; Overwatch is serious about fun time and cooperative play in a competitive, gorgeously rendered and painted environment with solid mechanics and peerless level design thrown in for good measure.

If Warcraft the Movie can exist, then so can Overwatch:The Story. Blizzard, Please, let it live!

Lindsay Berkovitz, (aka, Joystick Junkie), Staff Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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