Titanfall – Xbox One Video Game Review

Titanfall – Xbox One Video Game Review

June 24, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Titanfall, created by Respawn and Electronic Arts, is a first person combat action game. Although it is only a multiplayer experience devoid of a single-player storyline, it has garnered numerous awards for its outstanding online experience. Not only does it bring back the first-person shooter we are all accustomed to, but delivers it with some fun abilities requiring the player to constantly be on the move. The game integrates parkour elements due to being able to wall run and wall jump and it’s verticality is amazing, truly diminishing those annoying campers. Titanfall gives you access to literally climb any building in the map and traverse with ease.

Kill streaks: What is that? Titanfall instead has burn cards which give you special abilities in a match. For example, before the match begins you can choose a burn card  such as prosthetic legs which give you faster pilot speed, weapon boost, unlimited grenades, boost for Titan specializations etc. You can choose to take three burn cards per match once you equip it during gameplay and it lasts until you’re killed. You can acquire more burn cards as you play by doing special tasks in-game.

The first time you acquire your Titan is an amazing feeling as you see it drop in from the sky and land Iron Man style on the ground. You simply walk up to it, then it grabs you and places you in the driver’s seat and off you go. Titanfall shines with its Titans, bringing  three classes of Titan machines: the Ogre, Atlas and Stryder. Boarding one of these massive Titans gives you the feeling of immense power and control as each comes with different abilities. Yet, sadly, you can’t customize one with logos or emblems or swap out different parts or upgrade its look, only it’s main weapon and secondary abilities. This is something that Respawn needs to address in their sequel as these kinds of customization features are expected in today’s next gen video game titles.

The game ships with 15 maps not counting downloadable content maps. These maps offer quite a variety, ranging from big scale maps to small tight quarters action-packed maps, offering diversity and challenge. Gameplay and style choices abound: Want to wall run? Or maybe you want to use the zip line, or why not run and gun? This is the beauty of Titanfall – it does not just consist of running and gunning or Titan battles, its a mixture of all-in-one.

Personally I think Titanfall offers a new fresh experience, fast gameplay, and awesome Titan battles. For those that are familiar with first person shooters, you will pick this is up and have no issues learning to play. However, those that are new will have a hard time adjusting to the controls and speed of the game.

Overall Titanfall is  a fresh take on the saturated first person genre. Weapons in-game are limited, but the few guns offered feel great and well-balanced. The Titan mech machines are the highlight of the game and the most fun. Nevertheless, it does fall short on modes and weapons and campaign. Even a titan customization would have been a nice feature. Well at least it sets the track for the next installment. Being that this game released at a $60.00 price point for essentially a multiplayer only game, it doesn’t sit well for me. Titanfall get a score of 8.5 out of 10.

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Larry “Xdestructor” Rosales, Staff Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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