VR: Can you See Me Now? – The Case for Compelling Software

VR: Can you See Me Now? – The Case for Compelling Software

June 13, 2016 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Let me preface this article and say, Virtual Reality, ‘’VR is great” I think that its potential value is undeniable to our future and growth as a species as well as to a congregation of industries. The games industry is no exception to this zeitgeist shift.

VR is coming- However your investment will likely, and ultimately depend on the industry itself and its level of involvement in the technologies, their applications and with the platform as a whole. Why? Quite simply, even if VR and its derivative and associated technologies are amazingly mindblowing and worldview expanding- it won’t matter one whit; because if compelling software tailored to its unique set of parameters isn’t made a priority and supported or applications developed to take advantage of its suite of capabilities aren’t created continuously as part of a long-term plan- VR will flounder and fail to thrive in its infancy.

Especially in an industry where virtual reality is necessary for its evolutionary journey, it is imperative that the game industry adequately supports VR and its various platforms disciplines, and incarnations it chooses to take.

Like the car, telephone, and computer from which I’m typing, virtual reality will become indispensable to modern life. To not adopt it from its onset would be costly and disastrous given the time and resources it would take to adapt and try retrofitting established services and products into its fold. There are opportunities to be had- both monetary and creative- one does not eschew the potential of the other.

Forging new paths is essential in any enterprise and endeavor. Creators and consumers will both benefit from this arrangement- So, please- no shovelware. It would be a disservice to the industry because people would stop supporting VR simply because the product quality wasn’t there.

That is why I am writing this, an open letter to the industry I love. Please don’t go into this with measured, half steps. Go boldly into the future and move with purpose. The future is”virtually” yours if you choose to see it and seize the opportunity; it is also yours to lose if not cared for properly.

Please come with us into this new world… Gamers, What Will You Choose…? What WILL You Choose…?

Lindsay Berkovitz, (aka, Joystick Junkie), Staff Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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