Modern World Trans-Union Society

Modern World Trans-Union Society

June 5, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

This is 2014 and never before in my life have I heard so many words, in fact, several words starting with the suffix “trans.” Let’s look at the United States to start with; we are made up of “trans-national people,” who have lived here for many decades or for a few years, being “trans-linguistic,” going back and forth between English and their native languages. We also have “trans-tribal” Native American people, who are part Cherokee and part Pueblo, and many other combinations.

We also live in “trans-lational” times because of language applications and even program “translators.” “Trans-cribing” from one message to another is the way to be efficient and modern now. People are aware of “trans-fats,” but also of “trans-portation” jams. As a modern society we are made up of multiplicities of many variations, and that is truly the core of our being. Our DNA healthily duplicates and replicates in this same “trans-cripting” fashion. Never before in linguistics have people thrived in and embraced wholeheartedly the suffix-“trans.” Our modern economics is a world of “trans-actions,” which are “trans-national,” and “trans-linguistic, “via electronic messages at the ATM machines.”

The brain itself is made up of “trans-neurons,” made up of thousands of proteins in the tens of thousands that make up one neuron and that neuron networks with another neuron. Neural “trans-messaging” of hormonal codes passing our dendrites, in and out of the “gates of ranvier,” feed the blood flow with what later constitutes food for behavior and response. At this day and age, we live in “trans-living.” “Trans-gender” people of many nations, “trans-national” “trans-gender” “trans-linguistic” people are “trans-sending “the message to the entire world, that a “trans-union” society is possible. Perhaps, this is the essence of “true unity by “trans-cending and ascending” “trans-ascending” the latter of limitations to no more borders, no more ignorance, no more misunderstandings.

Intelligence itself is “trans-linguistic, trans-national-trans-cendental, trans-lateral, trans-and cross-unified. “As an entire society for so long, we have been asking for equality and here we have it, manifested in “trans-existence,” of so many types. Can we all just smile and “trans-cend prejudice?” Can we all just learn other languages and become “trans-lingual?” Perhaps the nature of our human brains is facilitating this exponential leap or paradigm shift in super rapid neuron “trans-actions” because we so desperately as a society need to embrace differences and need to feel what it means to be in the shoes of another “foreigner, outsider, different person.” In fact, many Americans now are also becoming “trans-national” people, buying up homes in Mexico, Belize, and Nicaragua, and are moving there.

Next time you are at the ATM machine, just think of all the “foreign” talent that has worked to make America the unified country that it is now. “Civil liberties” are sovereign in our country due to the early “trans-national “colonies, which later became “trans-colonies” that unified as “the United States.” That is why we have had “trans-continental treaties” in the past, to unify economics in the world. It is time to let human expression continue, and let the DNA unfold as modern times demand it; to beget love, unifying opposites and unifying sentiments and expressions purely from the soul and from human expression and from human experience. United we are stronger. Again, united without prejudice that is.

Next time you hear the word, “trans-action,” remember that multiple things are occurring in that second, without which the next step would be impossible. And thank “trans-gender” people for making the word “brave and actualized.” These are the times of “trans-gender” ladies fighting for the rights of mistreated immigrants, and “trans-latinas” speaking on behalf of families being torn by “trans-national” separations due to delayed immigration laws. Let’s all continue to “trans-send the message that it is good to trans-cend limitations.” We are the “Brave New World,” learning to co-exist despite our limitations and learning to be brave and happy no longer with prejudice nor separation.

[Editor’s Note: Ms. Hernandez is majoring in French and Paralegal Studies at Los Angeles City College and Pasadena City College. She has spent the last several years as President of the French Club at school. She emigrated to the United States from El Salvador and is fluent in 3 languages. She is also an accomplished artist.]

– Dolores “Lolly” Hernandez, Staff Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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