Anime Expo 2014 Comes to Los Angeles

Anime Expo 2014 Comes to Los Angeles

June 29, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

It’s that time of year where all the anime fans dress up as their favorite characters and go spend four days making friends, buying cool collectables from the Dealers’ Hall, getting amazing art from the Artist’s Alley, and showing off their hard work and dedication to making outfits and cosplaying as their characters. That’s right, it’s Anime Expo 2014 here from July 3rd till July 6th over at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Whether you’re brand new to the Expo or a seasoned veteran, if you enjoy seeing fabulous costumes, or seeing your favorite artists, or maybe seeing one of your favorite voice actors, then this is an awesome convention made just for you.

Some other activities you can enjoy at the Expo are the Masquerade where people perform dances, skits from their favorite anime or ones they made up on the go, or whatever they have planned to try and win a trophy and even possibly some new fans in the process. So head on down to the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 3rd for in-person registration and grab a ticket. Lastly, enjoy the convention. I sure did last year.  Check out the official site HERE. Guests of honor at this year’s AX are Tasha and Doremi from Spiral Cats, a Professional Cosplay Group from Korea.

Ethan Wolfson, Guest Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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