Happy Halloween – World War Z Zombies Appear in COD Advanced Warfare

Happy Halloween – World War Z Zombies Appear in COD Advanced Warfare

October 31, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

What a spectacular way to celebrate Halloween with more Zombie goodness from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But these aren’t your garden variety slow moving undead hordes from The Walking Dead, Z Nation, or Treyarch’s Black Ops or Black Ops II. These rotting badboys are fast-moving death machines just like in Brad Pitt’s World War Z movie. This image is supposedly from a leaked video cutscene which may or may not be from the Exo Survival Zombie Mode which was leaked recently.


Fans still hope for an unlock on launch day for a secret fourth game mode that would include full on zombie action, but so far no one has confirmed this to be true. Although the leaked video is pretty spectacular, out of respect for Sledgehammer Games and Activision, I will not provide a link. After all, we want some surprises in store for us on November 3rd. And for those of you who still have yet to pre-order the game, please go out and buy it already. You know you want it!

– Des Manttari, Editor-in-Chief, Phoenix Genesis

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