Forget It, Rod – It’s the Twylight Zone

Forget It, Rod – It’s the Twylight Zone

December 13, 2015 0 By phoenixgenesis®

The classic television series The Twilight Zone opened each week with creator Rod Serling‘s narration: “There is a sixth dimension, beyond that which is known to man.” This realm forms the setting for the parody Twylight Zone: Beyond the 6th Dimension. This parody presented by Four Letter Theatre at Studio/Stage serves as a mashup of various Zone episodes. The result is an enjoyable trip down TV memory lane.

The show is actually three mini-plays. The first, To Serve the Eye of the Beholder, brings mysterious aliens to Earth. Only one person cares to learn the reasons for their visit, which she will do as soon as she gets the bandages removed from her plastic surgery to make her look just like everyone else. Next up is It’s a Good Life, Dummy, in which a little boy uses his powers of mind control to bend everyone to his will. Only a ventriloquist with a dummy that talks back to him can save the day. Finally, there is A Nice Place for an Escape Clause. A hardened criminal finds a place where he gets anything he asks for even when it turns out not to be such a good thing.

Acted by an enthusiastic cast (including a Rod Serling lookalike introducing each episode), Twylight Zone: Beyond the 6th Dimension makes for an excellent way to enjoy TV in play form. Just the ticket for theater in L.A.

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