Gravity Falls TV Review – Unraveling the Mystery

Gravity Falls TV Review – Unraveling the Mystery

September 10, 2014 0 By phoenixgenesis®

Gravity Falls is a TV series that first premiered on June 15, 2012, and was created by Alex Hirsch. Despite the series coming from an 11 minute low budget student film, it manages to be one of the best cartoons ever aired on the Disney Channel.  The show revolves around two siblings, Mable and Dipper Pines. The siblings visit their “Grunkle” Stan, an old man who has converted his house into a tourist trap named the “Mystery Shack”. Dipper finds a strange book filled with entries on paranormal beings, which the siblings either encounter or summon.

The paranormal beings native to gravity falls are the primary, yet not the only, source of conflict in the show. Antagonists such as Lil’ Gideon, a very young psychic who is hell bent on stealing the deed of the mystery shack from Stan Pines have created certain conflicts greater than any paranormal being has ever caused. Even some of Dipper and Mable’s closest allies hold horrible secrets from them.

One of the biggest elements of Gravity Falls is the mystery, from hidden messages written in number that can only be decrypted by messages scattered throughout the show, to backwards messages said by characters during paranormal conjurings, this show thrives in the unknown. The fans of Gravity Falls have even created theories about certain characters.

I’ve only had one problem with this show, the airing schedule. Normally, TV series air an episode once a week, Gravity Falls however, airs a new episode once every 2 weeks (if you’re lucky, and the season isn’t in its 1 year production), and one or two episodes daily. This can get very annoying considering that Gravity Falls is one of the few gems found among the piles of garbage aired frequently on the Disney Channel.

Watch this show for the fun or watch it again for the mystery. It doesn’t matter which way you watch this show, it still remains brilliant at its best, and decent at its worst points. If you’ve been sick with recent cartoons, this is the show for you.

[Editor’s Note: I personally am a huge fan of Disney. It was an integral part of my childhood and even as an adult today, I love their films. I am really excited that they have acquired the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. I look forward to these films as well as the new season of Once Upon a Time that Disney airs on CBS.]

Lucas Marques, Staff Writer, Phoenix Genesis

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