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For 22 years, the phoenixgenesis® brand has been servicing the varied and evolving needs of the video game industry. With its seasoned, talented and highly skilled staff, phoenixgenesis® has been providing the service of promoting the video game industry through live appearances by playing, demonstrating, and endorsing games, including gaming tournaments, competitions and other eSports venues. Additionally, phoenixgenesis® performs numerous online services promoting video game related companies via podcasts, videos, photographs, articles, and social media. phoenixgenesis® was first online in February 2000 and three months later, in May 2000, phoenixgenesis® was live at the prestigious Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California to promote several video games, including the new Tomb Raider with Lara Croft.

For over a decade, the phoenixgenesis® client list includes such notable video game companies as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, Natsume, Electronic Arts, Square-Enix (aka, Squaresoft), Eidos, Sega, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Activision. In addition to promoting large scale video game companies, phoenixgenesis® employees also promote indie game companies and independent developers for all video game platforms including PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and iOS Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

In addition to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, phoenixgenesis® with its gamer savvy staff has promoted other game-related conventions including, but not limited to, Anime Expo, the San Diego Comic-Con, E for All, and the Game Developers Conference. phoenixgenesis® also promoted Press Conferences, Keynote Events, Launch Parties, After Parties, and Video Game Tournaments. Our staff at phoenixgenesis® have promoted the Video Game Museum for the last few years and the Official E3 Merchandise Store for over a decade.

phoenixgenesis® has also promoted movie premieres such as Toy Story 3 for Disney. phoenixgenesis® would love to promote your next blockbuster or art house indie film. Several of the phoenixgenesis® staff members hold Masters degrees with honors from major film schools, including USC and UCLA as well as acting and stunt credits in movies and television shows.

With our furry ambassadors, Ray the Service Dog and Harley the Cat, phoenixgenesis® has promoted non-game events such as special events at the Los Angeles Zoo, local grassroots running events (the Torrance Turkey Trot, the Palos Verdes Marathon, the 13.1 Marathon and the Los Angeles Marathon to name a few), and NOS Energy Drinks at E3 Expo. Ray the Service Dog has also helped the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital by doing a promotional Pro Wresting flipbook through the non-profit organization Extra Life in 2014. Additionally, phoenixgenesis® pioneered a special VIP demonstration in 2006 for disabled gamers with mobility issues of the freedom they could finally achieve through Nintendo’s breakthrough technology of its Wii next gen gaming console. phoenixgenesis® gamers who participated and helped organize this event include, Des “phoenixgenesis” Manttari, Dustin Curran, and Lindsay Berkovitz.

phoenixgenesis® has also promoted Record Surplus, a local vinyl record store in Los Angeles, CA and Monterey Park Animal Hospital to help with their pet adoption services. Supporting literacy, phoenixgenesis® in May 2014 endorsed a number of local comic book shops in the Los Angeles area during their yearly Free Comic Book Day event (FCBD).

Here are some photo examples of the video game related product endorsements phoenixgenesis® has organized and executed over the years. Please mouse over and/or click on one of the thumbnail photos below to read the description of the service phoenixgenesis® provided playing, endorsing, and promoting these various video game live events and products.



phoenixgenesis® promotes your games and company at Live Tournaments, E3 Expo, and Other Video Game Related Events. Our brand phoenixgenesis® is associated with seasoned video game players, including the internationally known phoenixgenesis (aka, Des Manttari, the founder of our company), who will provide the service of appearing as promotional players such as free agents and team players to professionally compete in your tournaments and gaming events as well as beta test your games. Des “phoenixgenesis” Manttari cut her teeth as a game tester for Sony Santa Monica Studios for such games as Mark of Kri and God of War. Manttari organized the phoenixgenesis® staff to test games for Sony over a year long period. phoenixgenesis® has conducted video interviews of game developers, our players competing in live tournaments, and booth tours of video game related products and services as well as launch parties, afterparties, and special events. Below are a few select examples of what phoenixgenesis® has accomplished in terms of our services over the years to help companies reach awareness in the public eye.

Contact us at our website for more info. and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Here is the link to the full PHOENIXGENESIS Video Series Playlist. phoenixgenesis® is very eager to livestream our gamers playing your games and competing in gaming tournaments on our new online gaming channel, phoenixgenesis. In November 2, 2014, phoenixgenesis® will be putting together a local tournament during the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Zero Day launch in conjunction with Gamestop at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA. Come by and meet us in person, or challenge us on the PS4 of Xbox One, or contact us below for details and remember to subscribe to our videos to stay up to day with the next installment in our series.


Here are some video game tournaments phoenixgenesis ® players have participated in and/or our brand has promoted:

phoenixgenesis video series episode 0001

phoenixgenesis® video series episode 0001

– Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintendo Wii (e for all 2007) with phoenixgenesis gamer Jose Guzman participating in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Nintendo. [Episode 0001]

– Xdestructor Live Titanfall Gameplay at E3 Expo 2014 Respawn Competition organized by phoenixgenesis [Episode 0022]



phoenixgenesis video series episode 0002

phoenixgenesis® video series episode 0002

– Unreal Tournament III FPS Game Footage (E For All 2007) [Episode 0002]

– Happy Birthday Nintendo Style (E For All 2007), featuring phoenixgenesis gamer Jose Guzman [Episode 0003]

– Xdestructor Live Titanfall Gameplay at E3 Expo 2014 Respawn Competition [Episode 0022]



– Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament E3 2014 – Xdestructor Victory Over Capcom Producer Michael Evans [Episode 0017], featuring phoenixgenesis player Larry Rosales, pictured to the left.

– phoenixgenesis player Larry “Xdestructor” Rosales Ultra Street Fighter 4 Twitch TV Live E3 2014 Tournament [Episode 0027]


Here are some video interviews phoenixgenesis® conducts with game developers:

– “Where The Wild Things Are” Game Interview at E3 Expo 2009

– Mini Ninjas Level Designer Interview at E3 Expo 2009

– Konami Interview for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories from E3 Expo 2009


Here is even more E3 Live Video Coverage by phoenixgenesis®:

– Natsume E3 Expo 2014 Interview – Amazing New Lineup of Games.

Natsume is a family run business that provides good wholesome family entertainment and our staff at phoenixgenesis have been enjoyed promoting their company since the year 2000 and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship helping them grow and prosper.

– Killer Instinct Season 2 – E3 Expo 2014 Interview

– Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Capcom DLC Zombie Arcade Remix Action (E3 2014 Interview)

– Crytek Arena of Fate E3 2014 Interview with David Bowman


Here are the video game press conferences phoenixgenesis® employees attend and promote as well as games we’ve played live to endorse:

– Zed Ink Interview with phoenixgenesis at Xbox Press Conference (E3 2014)

– Killatia Plays Battlefield Hardline at the EA 2014 Press Conference sponsored by phoenixgenesis

– Xdestructor & phoenixgenesis® Demonstrate Battlefield Hardline at EA Press Conference


Here are some other game related products and video game companies phoenixgenesis® promotes:

– E3 2014 First Impressions for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare by phoenixgenesis [Episode 24], narrated by Des “phoenixgenesis” Manttari.



Our phoenixgenesis® services are affordable as we have spent years learning how to lower operating costs and streamline our services. phoenixgenesis® will work within your budgetary constraints to provide you with the best service that is catered to your individual needs. We can work on an hourly scale or provide a one-time fee for our services, whichever you prefer. phoenixgenesis® is a growing brand that is very flexible and has a pulse on the latest technology and seasoned in social media publicity to help make your product and services shine online. Contact phoenixgenesis® through the information provided below.



P.O. Box 64563

Los Angeles, CA 90064

office phone: 818-484-7725



Please be advised that we reserve the right to add and remove products and services under the phoenixgenesis® brand as the business climate demands or we see fit. However, we never provide services that we cannot deliver on. We have a full money back guarantee as we are committed to excellence.


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